What is Your Money Mindset?

Our minds can be significant, wealth-building tools when used the right way. It’s true- conquering your mindset around money has the power to bring more abundance and stability than you ever thought possible. Of course, nothing worth doing ever comes easily, but with insight comes opportunity.

The first step in taking control of our futures must be to understand who we are today—and we can do this by discovering our Money Mindset. our Money Mindset is your unique and individual set of core beliefs about money. More specifically, it’s your attitude around money, and really, the driver of your financial behavior.

Your Money Mindset has the power to shape everything you believe surrounding your wealth. This mindset will impact what you believe is financially possible for yourself and the amount of wealth you think you’re worth or entitled to. It can even influence what you think you should earn.

It has the power to dictate how much you spend and save, how you manage debt, how much money you give away and your ability to invest with confidence. In a word, it’s POWERFUL.

But so are you!

Let’s dive in to discover how your Money Mindset has been influencing your thoughts, feelings and actions concerning money.

Do not worry; there are no wrong answers here, only honest ones. By choosing the response that best represents where you are today, we can figure out where you need to be nurtured or nudged.

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