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Creating powerful, financially-savvy women

Women & Worth: From America’s Financial Life Coach for Women: How any Woman can Own Her Financial Future in 11 No-Nonsense Conversations

Ande Frazier is a seasoned expert who is inspiring a financial awakening among women who are eager to take control of their financial journeys. By recognizing that traditional approaches to speaking to women about money are broken and conversations about money must align directly with women’s personal values and goals, Ande felt it was time to speak up.

Ande’s book is a guide to help women feel secure in their futures, to integrate self-worth and net-worth across generations.

Rather than frame her book as a series of lectures, Ande chose to create conversations. Across 11 frank conversations, Ande guides women through the emotional and behavioral factors that guide all our hands when dealing with money. From navigating both the expected and unexpected events in their lives to finding the best advocates, Ande’s book provides guidance in warm, empowering conversations, while also nudging us to take a look at what we should consider moving forward. Her goal is to speak to you as a friend, to assure you that your concerns are her concerns and that there is a way forward.

“This book is about straight talk for you—not just about your money, but about your life,” she says.

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What is Your Money Mindset?

Don’t be afraid to understand your money and yourself

Money does not define who we are, however, it is not a relationship we can afford to ignore. By taking Ande’s assessment, you will have a clearer understanding of your money mindset—your core, and often unspoken, beliefs about money.

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