Inspiring women to become their own financial advocates

Helping Women Discover Their Power, Their Financial Voice

Since starting her career in the 90s, Ande Frazier has seen progress in the way that women look at their money—but not enough.

She bridges the confidence gap between women and their money by inspiring them to take control of the emotional, societal and behavioral barriers to creating strong financial foundations.

As a speaker, Ande is driven to share her message of empowerment with as many women as possible.

Her speaking topics include:

  • Maxim, Mantra, Mindset
  • Set Your Financial Intentions (And Ditch Your Financial Triggers)
  • Planning for Unexpected Life Events
  • Four Critical Components of Your Financial Health
  • And more upon request

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What is Your Money Mindset?

Don’t be afraid to understand your money and yourself

Money does not define who we are, however, it is not a relationship we can afford to ignore. By taking Ande’s assessment, you will have a clearer understanding of your money mindset—your core, and often unspoken, beliefs about money.

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