Want Better Finances? Change Your Money Maxim

Want Better Finances? Change Your Money Maxim

Want Better Finances? Change Your Money Maxim | Ande Frazier

I’ve coached thousands of women over the course of my career. They came from different backgrounds, experiences, and financial circumstances. Their interests and spending habits differed too. But the majority of them had one thing in common: When it came to money, their behaviors weren’t bringing them closer to what they wanted in life.

Why? Our lives, our money, and our emotions are intertwined. When we don’t take the time to think about our core values and ultimate goals, it’s easy to adopt habits that don’t reflect them.

So, how do we undo those money habits that aren’t serving us, and replace them with those that do? The first step is to uncover your secret money maxim—your personal truth surrounding money (for insight on how to do this, sign up for my newsletter – I’ll be tackling this topic soon).

What’s next? It’s time to develop a money mantra, a statement that reflects who you are and what you want. For example, if you determine that your money maxim—that personal truth—is that you are unworthy, your new mantra may directly oppose that: “I am worthy of abundance and financial affluence.”

That new mantra will place you on the path to a new reality, financial and otherwise. But you’ve got to make sure the message is getting through. After all, you may be countering a lifetime of negative thoughts about your self-worth.

Luckily, there’s a trick to doing so effectively: Pump up the volume.

Jot down your mantra on index cards or sticky notes and place them in the spaces you frequent most: your home, office, your car, and in your wallet—where you keep your cash and all-too-easy-to-access credit cards. Let those little notes be a reminder to you whenever you see them, and when you consider making a purchase.

You may discover that your spending habits are actually sapping your resources, and thus undermining that mantra. It’s important to remember that your mantra won’t do anything for you, unless you switch up your behaviors too. For example, if you want to believe that you’re worthy of abundance and an affluent life, but you spend virtually all of your paycheck as soon as it hits your bank account, you’re not going feel good about your worth, or reach your goals anytime soon.

The truth is, those behaviors—driven by your original money maxim—are fulfilling your desire for instant gratification, but likely making you miserable. Though they may feel good in the moment, when you spring for an expensive meal or a designer outfit, in the end, you probably end up feeling much worse than you would if you chose to save instead.

While the decision to hold off and create a little nest egg may be tough in the moment, I guarantee once you start to see it build up—creating that abundance of which you are indeed worthy, it will feel a lot better than watching the bills roll in.

What is Your Money Mindset?

Don’t be afraid to understand your money and yourself

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